Film director at heart, Andrea Marini decided to pick up a camera and shoot at the age of 14, it was then that he realized how people can get affected by this magical tool of expression.

After studying photography, cinema, advertising and graphic design in his home-town in Tuscany during high-school, he decided to move to Rome determined to achieve the goal of being a film director.

His professional career began in 2007 working mainly in advertising and directing music videos.
In 2011 he completed the short film “the Noise of Snow” which has gone on to win multiple awards in several international Film Festivals.

In the meantime he keeps working on advertising, directing a wide range of different kind of ads, not only in terms of clients differentiation, also concerning the visual and narrative approach.

However, his true desire was to challenge himself with a feature length project and in early 2012 he starts working on his first documentary film “Art of the Prank”, a documentary about the life of one of the greatest media pranksters of all times.
This is a very demanding project, that allows him to approach a different type of storytelling and gaining more flexibility in approaching any other kind of production, from the aesthetics to the production side. But also to travel more and more, discovering all kind of places and personalities.

The film festival run turned out to be very successful for Art of the Prank, giving the film a lot of media attention and important recognitions, such as a Jury prize at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2016.

2016 sees him working on his second feature documentary about a F1 Ferrari from 1970 named “Ferrari 312B”, due to be released in theatres in October 2017.

On the other end he nurtures his creative vision by shooting stills, mostly on film, mostly street photography and portraits, he belives that this is a unique way to discover the world and human beings.